First professional female distance runner

Anne Audain was born in New Zealand, adopted as an infant and suffered through her younger years with bone deformities in both her feet. After successful reconstructive bone surgery at age 13, she joined a local athletic club and a running star was born! Through her career Anne set records and pioneered professional running for women. She has since been inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, the USA Running Hall of Fame, and honored with a Member of the British Empire Medal from Queen Elizabeth II of England for her contributions to her sport worldwide. 


Anne's Documentary, Running Her Way is an inspiring story of a young girl's struggle to overcome adversity to become a champion athlete and a pioneer in women's sport.

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Anne's story will inspire, encourage and convince a lot of people to reevaluate exactly what is possible in their own lives. This story is a marvelous example to us all, in all walks of life, that the seemingly impossible is in fact achievable. You just have to have vision, determination and downright stubbornness to push yourself past the obvious mental and physical obstacles. This is a wonderful story of a truly wonderful and gracious woman who broke down barriers for all female athletes today.

--Malcolm Diamond: Boise State University Professor, British Native.


Anne Audain's biography, Uncommon Heart, is a fascinating, inspiring story for all readers but especially for women, young people, and athletes.

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